Fall Camporee 2012
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Description: Fall Camporee 2012
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Registration Begins: 8/1/2012
Last Day to Register: 10/1/2012
Contact E-mail: dlindh@bsamail.org
Cost: $10.00 per Adult
$10.00 per Youth

Conestoga – Mon Valley – Steel City

Fall Camporee

Due to circumstances beyond our control the Area 1 Fall Camporee has been moved from Mingo Creek Park to Camp Anawanna.

Punkin Chunkin! A Trebuchet/Catapult was a type of machine that was used during medieval times to destroy castle walls
during a siege. Using principles of gravity and levers, they were capable of hurling large stones a great distance. Your unit
is challenged to design and build a Trebuchet/Catapult and hurl pumpkin at our range. Competitions will be held for
accuracy and distance. Please read the following specifications and rules carefully when planning your Trebuchet/Catapult
design. All Trebuchet/Catapults will be for general safety prior to competing.

This year’s Fall Camporee will be held at Camp Anawanna October 5-7, 2012. The Camporee theme will revolve
around Pumpkin Chunkin, aka hurling a pumpkin (or something less messy) as far as you can. Each troop that attends the
event will be asked to construct “onsite” a catapult or trebuchet to hurl their pumpkin. Troops will be given the majority
of Saturday to work on their projects. Team prizes will be awarded for the following categories:
1. Over all Farthest Throw
2. Farthest Throw Catapult
3. Farthest Throw Trebuchet
4. Over all accuracy - Trebuchet and Catapult combined
5. Best Construction – Classic Knots, Lashings and spars
6. Best Construction – Modern Style nuts bolts and 2x4’s
In addition to the Pumpkin Chunkin each troop will be asked to host an activity for the Webelos Meet and Greet on
Saturday. Suggested ideas for activities include fire building, flint & steel, dutch oven donuts, knot relay, map &
compass, first aid relay, tree and leaf identification, memory games etc.
Pumpkin Cooking Competition
Units are welcome to prepare a dish made from pumpkin (Fresh or canned). The dish may be a main dish, side dish, or
dessert. The dish must be made and cooked at the Camporee site. Judging for these will be at 6:30 PM.

• First and second year Webelos are invited for all day Saturday with troops providing the round robin of events
between the hours of 1:00 and 3:30. All Webelos must be properly dressed for the weather. Webelos are
STRONGLY encouraged to wear their uniforms during the Camporee
• Webelos can participate as a Den or Individually. Webelos Den Leaders and Parents are encouraged to come see
the level of camaraderie Boy Scout Troops have to offer.
• Webelos: Bring your own lunch or eat with one of the Troops. Don’t be shy – the Troops would love to have
you join them at this event, but let the Troop know in advance if you want to have lunch with them.


Activity Location: Map:  1275 Bedford Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15219, US
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If you have a question, comment, or suggestion, please e-mail: Charles Huse

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