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Send A Scout To Camp

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Many low-income youth are in crisis. A third live in poverty. A third live in single-parent homes. More than half drop out before completing high school.

The Boy Scouts’ Scoutreach program offers them a way to a stronger tomorrow; a proven vehicle for building character, self-reliance and leadership.

The Laurel Highlands Council has over 1,500 boys from 1st -12th grade enrolled in our Scoutreach Program.

We can use your help! 

Help us raise $50,000 to provide scholarships to send over 150 boys to camp.

                Send a Scout to Camp

  • $25 pays for the cost of a handbook
  • $75 sends one Cub Scout to three days at Day Camp
  • $100 sends one adult leader to Resident (overnight) Camp
  • $200 sends one Cub Scout to Resident Camp for a week
  • $400 sends one Boy Scout to Resident Camp for a week
  • $750 sends 10 Cub Scouts to Day Camp
  • $1,000 pays for 10 complete uniforms for a Cub or a Boy Scout
  • $2,000 sends 10 Cub Scouts to Resident Camp
  • $4,000 sends 10 Boy Scouts to Resident Camp

Convenience Fee Notice:

To offset the service cost of electronic payments a convenience fee will be added to all credit card and electronic check payments.  To avoid these convenience fees you may mail or deliver your payments to one of the council offices.  This fee will not be charged for fundraising events.